Similarities: “I Saw Her Standing There” vs. “I Love Rock N Roll”


Fuji Rock Festival


where were YOU when julian casablancas released human sadness?


beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field, i will be meeting you there

put money in my hand
and i will do the things you want me to

Vanity… overriding wisdom,
usually common sense.

should i delete it,
you said you’d read it
you promised you would never ruin it with sequels,

I wake for you… on and on

beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field,
i will be meeting you there.
the moon’s a skull, i think it’s grinning
the room is full of people now i think it’s spinning

wanted you… didn’t ask for nothing. wait for you… on and on

and i don’t need your tie, i don’t need to, tired of saying it.
we don’t need more talk, don’t empty out your canteen on the desert floor.
…ahhh, it’s all my fault

never wanna spell it out,
i just want to say that it is all my fault,
i could never spit it out,
i don’t wanna fix your tie…

never want to say we’re sad,
thankful that we got some chance,
i know you won’t get back your time,
i wish that you could take it back…

beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field,
i will be meeting you there.
he wanted it more than me, i suppose
i was in a rush to wait in a line.
now i hear echoes of my old self,
this is not the way to be.
all at once,
i lost my way…

is it not true, the things that we did?
come here at once and look what they did
come here shut down and tune in tonite,
learn the words that they teach you without you realizing it
come here sit down and watch some tv

mine all mine / wait your turn
cross my cross / slice his hand
not your son / not your friend / not your enemy

i rely on the little things to get me by,
conscience says “i’m ok”,
you don’t hear what they say.
“he’s not my son, search his home”
off to war,
it’s time to go hide inside

soft skin,
weak chin,
just walk me thru it, tell me what to do i’ll do

hurry hurry, that’s my baby
ohh, do what you can.

all the time - he waits for me.
and now we talk from time to time,

hits you on the head when nobody’s there,
then he says ‘come here could you fix my tie?’

it’s never gonna be,
to be is not the way to be.

show me where to go don’t get angry so quickly,
fuck depression…

beyond all ideas of right and wrong there is a field,
i will be meeting you there
understanding is more important than love,
if not money will always trump justice

all is lost,
i’ll find my way…
so i say,
to be is not to be.
to be is not the way to be.

Human Sadness lyrics by Julian Casablancas (via lostgirlsclub)

I don’t think that everyone should become a mathematician, but I do believe that many students don’t give mathematics a real chance. I did poorly in math for a couple of years in middle school; I was just not interested in thinking about it.
I can see that without being excited mathematics can look pointless and cold. The beauty of mathematics only shows itself to more patient followers.

Interview with Maryam Mirzakhani, the brilliant Iranian mathematician who was the first woman to win the Fields Medal (via curiosamathematica)


still not exactly sure what studying is


The Wytches for BOON Magazine


Just because you can never have enough Gilmour


Just because you can never have enough Gilmour

In the old days, pre-Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd played to audiences which, by virtue of their size allowed an intimacy of connection that was magical. However, success overtook us and by 1977 we were playing in football stadiums. The magic crushed beneath the weight of numbers, we were becoming addicted to the trappings of popularity.
I found myself increasingly alienated in that atmosphere of avarice and ego until one night in the Olympic Stadium, Montreal. Some crazed teenage fan was clawing his way up the storm netting that separated us from the human cattle pen in front of the stage, screaming his devotion to the “demi-gods” beyond his reach.

Incensed by his misunderstanding and my own connivance, I spat my frustration in his face. Later that night, back at the hotel, shocked by my behavior, I was faced with a choice. To deny my addiction and embrace that “comfortably numb” but “magic-less” existence or accept the burden of insight, take the road less traveled and embark on the often painful journey to discover who I was and where I fit.

The Wall was the picture I drew for myself to help me make that choice.

Roger Waters, Summer 1995. Written on The Wall exhibit in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.  (via adorablebonzo)

You know it, you know you’re good, you know it, you know it girl!

Julian Casablancas at Lollapalooza Brazil (via thislifeisonmyside)